Please note: New car coverage is not limited to the parts listed below (in fact it covers much more) this page is designed to illustrate how comprehensive the protections is. The actual contract only lists what is not covered and you can find an outline of exclusions below.


All internally lubricated parts including Cylinder block, Cylinder Heads, Pistons, piston rings, piston pins, crankshaft and main bearings, connecting rods and rod bearings, camshaft and bearings, pushrods, rocker arms, valves, valve springs, seats and guides, lifters, followers, oil pump, timing chain, timing belt and gear, harmonic balancer, dipstick & tube. Valve covers, timing cover, oil pan, vacuum pump, engine mounts, and more


All internally lubricated parts including Transmission case, transfer case and pan, torque converter, vacuum modulator, internal linkage, transmission mounts, and more

Drive Axle:

All internally lubricated parts including Housings and cover, axle shafts, universal joints and yokes, constant velocity boot or join or both, wheel bearings/hubs, drive shaft center bearings supports, propeller shafts, locking hub mechanisms and more


All internally lubricated parts including steering box and rack and pinion unit, power steering pump and cylinder, main and intermediate steering shafts and couplings, steering knuckles, pitman arm, idler arm, tie rods ends, drag link, and more


Non ABS master cylinder, power booster, calipers, wheel cylinders, hydraulic lines and fittings, proportioning valve, backing plates, springs, clips and retainers, self-adjusters, parking brake linkages and cables and more


Alternator, voltage regulator, starter motor, starter solenoid, distributor, window regulator, heater and A/C blower motor and more

Heater and Air Conditioning:

Evaporator, condenser, compressor, compressor clutch, receiver/drier, field coil, accumulator, A/C high/low pressure compressor cutoff switches, heater core and more

Front/Rear Suspension:

Upper and lower control arms, control arm shafts and bushings, spindle supports, stabilizer shaft, stabilizer, linkage, bushings ball joints spindles wheel bearings and more


Radiator, radiator fan blade and motor, fan clutch, water pump and more


All internally lubricated parts including Fuel pump, metal fuel injection lines/rails, fuel tank, waste-gate, vanes, shafts, bearings and more


Electronic shift control unit, ABS master cylinder, ABS processor, hydraulic pump motor, pressure modulator valve, sensors, temperature control programmer, fuel management controls, including modules and sensors,  fuel nozzles, fuel injection pump, ignition management controls, ignition coils, wiper motors, power window motors, power door lock, automatic temperature control, keyless entry system, power antenna, speed control, electronic level control, compressor, and more

What is excluded:

Paint, Carpet, Bright metal, trim, Sheet metal, Bumpers, body panels, glass, physical damage, molding, upholstery, lenses, sealed beams, light bulbs, fuses, Circuit breakers, Television/VCR/DVD players, game consoles, after market (upgraded) radio and stereo equipment, voice activated accessories and related tech, after market navigation, radar detection devices. Weather strips, exhaust components, emission components, catalytic converter, battery and cables/harness, spark plug wires, fan belts, shock absorbers, clutch assembly, outside ornamentation, frame and structural body parts, vinyl and convertible tops and assemblies, tires, wheel/rims, wheel balances, safety restraints including airbags, air and water leaks, wind noise, and all other maintenance services.
•    Exclusions vary from vehicle to vehicle if there is a particular part you do not see listed please ask an AARC agent about that component.


The sample coverage contained may not mirror the actual coverage purchased at the time of sale. Specific vehicle service contract coverage varies depending upon the service contract purchased, optional coverage selections, state of purchase, and administrator.